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Considering Abortion?

Women's Help Center Jacksonville

Explore Your Options

You might be pregnant. You cannot believe this is happening to you. You have options, and we can help you make sense of each of them. We provide factual, medically-accurate information in a nonjudgmental environment so that you can make an informed decision.

The first step is to be sure you are pregnant. Even if you have pregnancy symptoms or have taken a home test, you should make an appointment for a FREE pregnancy test at Women’s Help Center to confirm your pregnancy. Our tests are medical-quality and can detect pregnancy hormones days after conception.

Free Ultrasound Referrals

Worried about unplanned pregnancy

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 3 early pregnancies ends in natural miscarriage. If you have a positive pregnancy test at Women’s Help Center, you may be eligible for a free, limited ultrasound, to determine the status and estimated gestational age of your pregnancy.


Abortion is a choice, but you need to know what you are choosing. As with any medical procedure, finding out how it is done, the possible risks and the side effects is essential.

Women choose abortion for many reasons, but the most common are:

Some questions you may have if you are considering an abortion:

Not your first abortion?

Having more than one abortion can carry increased health risks, possible fertility implications as well as emotional and psychological consequences. We can speak with you about your concerns and provide you with information to help you make a fully-informed decision on whether having another abortion is the right choice for you.


Deciding if you want to make an adoption plan for your child can be difficult and confusing. Some questions you may have are:

Exploring adoption requires no commitments. There are lots of choices with adoption, and we can help you understand them. You can choose an open, semi-open or closed adoption. You can choose the family who will adopt your baby. You can choose whether or not you want to meet the family that will adopt your baby. These are your decisions, and we are here to answer your questions.


If you are considering parenting, we can provide you with resources and information that will help you. Some women need more assistance than others. We are here with support, guidance and assistance, tailored to your specific needs.

All of the services provided by Women’s Help Center are free and confidential.