If you’re considering an abortion, it’s important that you have an ultrasound. Why? An ultrasound will help determine the gestational age of the fetus, and it will give you the information needed to help in this life-altering decision.


  • Give peace of mind that you are doing what is right for you
  • Help you to make an informed decision about what is best for you
  • Determine the correct age of the fetus, helping to determine the type of needed procedure
  • Help you emotionally
  • Help make good decidions

getting your ultrasound…

Sometimes, the clinic sonographer may not want you to see the baby. If you insist, they may continue to deny you or show you a quick, unrecognizable image. If this is the case, leave. You can find a location that will share with you the information you need to make the right decision. There are many locations that will offer you a free ultrasound, along with reliable information; if you live in Jacksonville, FL  or the surrounding area, please call our local number 904-398-5143. If you’re out of the local calling area and would like an ultrasound, please call 1-800-395-HELP for a location nearest you.

it’s your decision…

Choosing what to do when you are facing an unplanned pregancy is difficult; it is important you know that you are not alone; there is help to discuss your options and provide the information needed to make an informed decision.