What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

Ordering a medication like the abortion pill online sounds simple enough. But did you know there are risks involved? Taking the abortion pill too late, not knowing if the drug dosages are correct, and not knowing the source of the drugs all pose risks to your health.

To learn more about ordering the abortion pill online and if it’s safe to do so, keep reading.

Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online

It May Arrive Too Late

The FDA has only approved the abortion pill for use during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. After ten weeks, taking the abortion pill may result in an incomplete abortion. This can lead to infection and may require a surgical abortion to complete.

When you order the abortion pill online, you bypass a crucial step in the process, which is getting an ultrasound to determine exactly how far along you are.

Your Pregnancy May Be Ectopic

A pregnancy test doesn’t reveal the location of your pregnancy, only the existence of the hCG pregnancy hormone in your body. 

The abortion pill is not approved to end ectopic pregnancies (located outside the uterus). 

A different procedure and treatment is needed to resolve these nonviable and potentially life-threatening pregnancies.

You’re Not Sure Where It’s From

Foreign companies are not required to follow the same health guidance we have from agencies like the FDA in the United States. The dosage of the drugs may be different, and the source of the drugs may be questionable.

It May Be Illegal

Though the FDA has changed its earlier guidance against order the abortion pill online, certain states still do not allow it to be purchased online.

If you live in a state that doesn’t allow it, seeking to purchase the abortion pill online may be against the law and you may face fines or other penalties.

Before Ordering the Abortion Pill

Your health matters and you shouldn’t overlook certain standards that are in place to help protect it.

One of the most important things you can do is get an ultrasound.

This scan will not only reveal how far along you are in the pregnancy but also will alert you to a possible ectopic pregnancy.

We offer ultrasounds for free at Women’s Help Center so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy. Contact us to schedule your ultrasound appointment today!