Florida Abortion Laws
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Abortion is still legal in Florida.

Recent changes to Florida abortion laws and the overturning of Roe v Wade can be confusing. You have options, and we can help! Please do not hesitate to call Women’s Help Center near Windy Hill, FL with any questions or concerns. We are here for you! All of our services are free and confidential. We provide accurate help and support to women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy.

What are the Abortion Laws in Florida?

Abortion is legal in Florida until the 15th week of pregnancy, which is three months and three weeks after a woman’s first day of her last menstrual period (LMP). Abortion is illegal after that time unless carrying the pregnancy to term would result in severe injury or death to the mother, or if her fetus has a fatal abnormality.

Florida requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion can occur. The abortionist (or a referring physician) must confirm a fetus’ gestational age through ultrasound and inform the patient of the physical risks of both having an abortion and carrying the pregnancy to term. This must occur at least 24 hours before the abortion.

Abortion and Minors

Florida law requires that minors seeking an abortion notify and get consent from at least one parent or legal guardian 48 hours before having an abortion Another option is that the minor may apply for a judicial bypass.

What About Roe?

Abortion is NOT illegal in the U.S. The overturn of Roe simply gives the individual states the ability to regulate their abortions.(1)

A woman who obtains an abortion (or a woman who has previously had an abortion) CANNOT be prosecuted. (3)

A woman may not be denied medical care for a miscarriage. A miscarriage is NOT an abortion and is NOT affected by the overturn of Roe. (4)

A woman may not be denied medical care for an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is NOT an abortion and is NOT affected by the overturn of Roe. (4)

IVF is NOT an abortion and is NOT affected by the overturn of Roe. (5)

The overturn of Roe does NOT affect access to emergency contraception or birth control. (1)

Abortion Pill

While the abortion pill is available in Windy Hill, Fl, it is ILLEGAL to have abortion pills shipped into Florida or mailed to you. If a woman changes her mind after taking the first dose of the abortion pill, a reversal medication is available. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline to speak with a nurse at 1-877-558-0333. Help is available 24/7.

Women’s Help Center providesmedical grade pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, and many other types of assistance, all at no cost. Call or text today to make an appointment, or click on this link:

A: The FDA has authorized the use of the abortion pill up to 70 days (10 weeks) after the first day of a woman’s most-recent menstrual cycle. The abortion pill is not an option in certain situations, including:
  • If it has been more than 70 days since your last period
  • You have certain medical conditions, including certain heart or blood vessel diseases; severe liver, kidney, or lung disease; an uncontrolled seizure disorder; or certain other medical conditions
  • You are on a blood thinner or certain steroid medications
  • You have an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Have a suspected pregnancy outside of the uterus (ectopic pregnancy)
  • You may have an allergy to the abortion medications used
Florida law requires a woman to have an ultrasound 24 hours before starting any type of abortion (pill or surgical). This is an important step that confirms the viability and gestational age of the pregnancy. Women’s Help Center provides ultrasounds at no charge to help you know what’s going on with your pregnancy. It is important to note that the FDA has issued a Black Box Warning stating that the abortion pill should not be purchased over the internet because of possible risks to a woman’s safety and health. (1)
A: The abortion pill is legal in Florida for up to 10 weeks gestation. Before getting the abortion pill, call us to get all the facts. 

A: A chemical abortion involves a series of pills to terminate a pregnancy and does not require surgery or anesthesia. The medications (mifepristone and misoprostol) work together to end and expel a pregnancy from a woman’s body. The first pill, mifepristone, is given at a doctor’s office or clinic and blocks a woman’s progesterone, which is the hormone a woman’s body needs to develop a fetus. The second pill, misoprostol, is taken approximately one to two days later and will generate labor contractions. Misoprostol can cause severe cramping and heavy bleeding as the body expels the contents of the uterus.

If you’re considering this procedure, make sure you understand the possible side effects, risks, complications, and alternatives. Women’s Help Center will guide and support you to help you make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

A: Women who have taken the first abortion pill dose should follow their healthcare provider’s instructions and be aware of the associated risks and complications that can occur, including:
  • sustained fever, severe abdominal pain, prolonged heavy bleeding, or fainting
  • abdominal pain or discomfort, or general malaise (“feeling sick,” including weakness, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, with or without fever)
  • an incomplete abortion, which may need to be followed with a surgical abortion
  • an ongoing pregnancy if the abortion pill doesn’t work

A: Prices vary by provider. The cost of an abortion depends on the type of abortion you are considering and the gestational age of the pregnancy (how far along you are). The state of Florida restricts insurance (both private and state-funded Medicaid) from covering the cost of abortion, except in the cases of rape, incest, or if a woman’s life is in danger.

Florida requires you to have an ultrasound 24 hours before an abortion. Women’s Help Center provides free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests as a service to help you know for sure what’s going on with your pregnancy, including:

  • How far along you are
  • If the pregnancy is in the uterus
  • If there is a fetal heartbeat
A: The abortion pill is a powerful drug with the risk of some severe side effects (2) As such, the FDA has approved it for use only with the prescription and oversight of a licensed doctor. (1) While this does not specifically exclude obtaining the abortion pill online, it does mean that patients still need to consult with a doctor who is licensed to prescribe the medication. You will also still need to receive pregnancy testing at a doctor’s office or lab for pregnancy verification, as well as an ultrasound to confirm exactly how far along the pregnancy is and to verify that the pregnancy is not ectopic or carrying other high risks of abortion complications. Make an informed decision by visiting one of our three convenient offices. Call or text 904-885-8864.
  1. Mifeprex (mifepristone) Information | FDA
  2. sNDA Approval [Rx ONLY] (COR-SNDAACTION-05) (fda.gov)

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